About the Blogger

I keep writing and re-writing this section to make it sound less superficial but whatever I come up with ends up being disappointing the day after when I come back to look at it. I'll try again. My name is Nur Banu. I am a fourth-year college student at the University of Chicago. I have been blogging for a solid five years now, and I am proud of myself for that. I like reading, writing, drawing, and photography. I'll read most anything, if interesting and of utility, and I write with a similar principle. I draw in abstract. I enjoy taking photos. I am extroverted, I know three languages and I am learning a fourth. I value sincerity in people the most. I think being truthful and genuine – with myself, with other people, and with God, is usually a preferable way to live. 

About the Blog

Said Nursi, my favorite scholar, says, "Minds should be enlightened with science, and hearts need to be illumined with religion.” This has been, and is, my approach to belief. It's dynamic, fresh, always growing. There are questions and doubt and more questions. It's existential, it's fundamental. It's necessary. It's rational. This blog will encompass some of that. I'll share some of my questions and the answers I find. An ongoing discussion if you will. Not only between God and myself, but also between me and you. 

Apart from that conversation, this blog will have sugar, spice, and everything nice, (and chemical x). I'll continue to write about current events, books I read, words I find, experiences I have, and everything in between. I hope you'll engage with me in some of that if not all. May this experience be good and beneficial for us all. God willing. 

About the Title

Prophet Jonah's story is one that's pretty popular. Some things happen, defiance exists, and he ends up in the belly of a big fish. It is in the belly of the fish that he makes the prayer, "There is no God but you. Glory be unto you! Indeed I was among the wrongdoers." It is there, in the dark of the night, the turbulence of the sea, and the belly of the fish, with no hope and no power, that he realizes his own place in the world. It is in that moment of reflection that he understands the secret of the universe and existence. And that's where I'd like to be. In that moment of reflection and ultimate clarity. God willing.